To Hope
My hope is that the
World will find  Peace
and that the Earth will
be pure and clean
again.  My hope is that
all people will see in
each other a part of
themselves, and to
know that they are  
connected spiritually.
My hope is one world
one people.  This reality
starts within each of us.
Think hope, be the hope
and the light for this

The Conscious Stone Boutique
The Conscious Stone Boutique offers wrapped stone
jewelry necklaces and earrings along with loose crystals.  
The Cape Cod beach stones are beautiful and reflective of
the ocean’s energy of strength, intuition and harmony.  
Lynne uses the name The Conscious Stone Boutique
because the stones seem to talk and sing while they are
being found and when they are being wrapped.  Of course
each stone is found with joy and enthusiasm.  The stones
are wrapped in sterling silver or copper and are infused
with reiki and healing energy.  Always wear them with love
and appreciation for the natural beauty of the earth and
the natural beauty in your soul.  The consciousnesses of
the stones are very old and very wise so listen closely…
Helping you to Find and  Awaken
your Inner Spirit
Thank you for visiting my website.  May your journey be full of
compassion, faith and love.  Blessings to you.  Lynne Delaney

Lynne Delaney is a Metaphysician dedicated to helping people
connect with their spiritual element for the advancement of their
soul journey. This encompasses spiritual healing, self discovery
and an understanding of how Spirit as God Consciousness, Angels,
Spirit Guides and loved ones work with us on a daily basis to
nourish  and enhance our souls evolution.

Working as a Metaphysical Consultant, she uses her skills as an
Interfaith Spiritualist Minister,  Medium, Reiki Master and
Spiritual Teacher to help people on their journey in life.  She
offers private readings, spiritual guidance,  group workshops,
circles and teaches classes on spirit communication, meditation,
psychic skills, metaphysical development and reiki.  
Here are some other helpful
practitioners on the Cape

Tammi Wilson
Readings and Reiki

Gillian Drake
Gillian Drake Medical Intuitive

Oasis Healing Center
Reiki, Massage, Readings
Aura-Chakra Photo & Analysis

Our auras are energy fields that are connected to and extend from our
human body.  These energy fields are coronas of light and color that some
people can see and feel, but most cannot observe this amazing part of who
we are.  The phenomenon of seeing the aura, or human energy field, has
been documented for over 5,000 years.  With new technology we can
capture the aura in a picture so we can see what is going on in our aura.  
These pictures show various colors of a person’s aura, around their head
and body. They can also show us energies moving in or out of our auras.  
The different colors reveal aspects of ourselves, such as our predominate
emotions, past influences, future potentials and blocks in our lives. They
can show us who we are, how we interact with other people and the
world, and if we are balanced or not. They can help us understand how to
make positive changes to create a healthy aura and better life. Our auras
also tell us which energies we are using the most at a specific time in our
lives. For instance, some people exhibit more mental energy, others more
physical energy and others more spiritual energy.   Our energy field is
such a wonderful, essential part of who we are.  

The aura interacts with spiritual, mental and physical stimuli around us. It
creates an atmosphere in which we can tell if an experience feels safe and
happy, or it can act as our first defense against more negative energies.  In
this sense, our auras could be called our spiritual skin.  As we react to a
certain person, place or thing, our auras change to help us work with the

In addition to our auras, we have energy systems called chakras, which
connect to our bodies.  They help the energy of our aura move into our
physical bodies, mental bodies and spiritual bodies.  Each chakra works
with specific organs and parts of the body in addition to working with our
mental and spiritual states.   As you can see, we are quite complicated and
dynamic energetic beings.  By seeing your aura and chakras, you will be
better able to understand what the inner atmosphere of your body, mind
and spirit look like.   

For Pricing See  
Excerpt from "In the Company of Spirit"
by Lynne Delaney  

Weeping spirit in Venice

My husband and I were fortunate to travel to Venice Italy in 2009.  
Venice is such a beautiful place where the energy is electric with
the hubbub of history and spirits.  Of course whenever we go on
vacation we always end up working with Spirit.  So, one day we
were exploring the walkways and canals of Venice and then went
into an old church.  After we left the church we walked some more
along the canal.  Josh and I were about ten feet apart as we were
in our own worlds observing all of the beautiful buildings and
scenery around us.  All of a sudden I heard a woman whaling and
crying very loudly. The sound echoed through the corridor of
buildings that lined the canal.   I was alarmed to hear this.   I looked
over at Josh to see his reaction and he just looked at me and
smiled.  I then turned around and saw a woman walking behind us.  
I took a moment to really look at her to see if she was ok.  She
looked over at me and smiled, there was no trace of a weeping
woman on her face.  So then I turned around thinking I was just
hearing things and I heard it again!   The sound of the weeping
and whaling was even louder this time and one of the most
distressful cries I have ever heard.  I looked over at Josh again and
this time I asked him if he was hearing the woman sobbing.  He
looked at me quizzically and said, "no".  Oh, I paused a moment,
then thought that this is probably a spirit in distress.  I told Josh
that I was hearing a woman crying and thought it was the woman
walking behind us, but it wasn’t then I kept hearing the sad cries.  
Later, Josh did some research on the area we were in and found
out that there is a tragic story about Marco Polo and his wife.  
Marco Polo lived from 1254-1324 A.D. He loved to travel and was
known for his explorations around the world and his work as a
merchant.   It is said that he met a Chinese woman on is travels
and married her. He brought her back to Venice and she was
ridiculed because she looked different and sounded different.  The
story says that Marco Polo left for another expedition and while his
wife stayed in Venice.  His wife became lonely and depressed.  His
mean spirited sister then told his wife that Marco Polo had died.  
The wife was so distraught that she lit herself on fire then jumped
into the canal to her death.   This is quite a story.  Some say that it
is just a legend and has no historical truth.  I wonder about that
though after what I heard that day in Venice.  I prayed for her soul
anyway, because she was certainly a spirit who needed help.  May
all distressed souls find peace…
Metaphysical Events,
Circles, Classes and
Contact for events

Transfiguration: TBA 7-9pm.  $35 first time/ $30
returning metaphysical explorers.  An amazing event
where you can see your Spirit Guide's face materialize
over Lynne's face. You will also receive a personal
channeled message from your Spirit Guide. Call
508-241-3048 or e-mail for details and sign up.

Metaphysical Exploration Class: $90
A six week class every Wed. starting January 4th-
February 8th from 6:30pm-8:30pm

This class is offered with the intention of  helping  you
explore the many ways to open up your Spirit and
Intuition.  This includes looking at your self as a spiritual
being, understanding our spiritual helpers the Angels,
Guides and loved ones.   Also exploring how your energy
works to help heal yourself, others and the world.   There
will be exercises to help show you how to transcend the
physical world through spoon bending and other
telekinetic explorations.  This class will also cover
mediumship and using divination tools as an extension of
your intuition.   This is a fun and informative class that
gives an overview into the world of metaphysical
exploration and development.

Sunset Peace Meditations: (Since 2005)  
Breakwater Beach in Brewster    
Free. Please call or e-mail if attending.  
As the sun sets, we will Om together sending positive
thoughts and prayers of peace to Mother Earth and all
beings upon her.  

New Moon Abundance Ritual:  TBA  
$20. A magical ritual calling in the Goddess
Abundantia as well as other Spiritual helpers to manifest
and create financial abundance and overall well being.  
Call or e-mail to reserve space.

Calling in the Garden Fairies, Workshop:
Next Spring!
In this workshop you will learn how to connect with your
garden fairies using meditative techniques, prayer and
energy.  The fairies offer us guidance, joy, manifestation
energy and healing for our flower and vegetable gardens.
All we need to do is ask for their assistance.  Call
508-241-3048 or e-mail for details and sign up.   

Metaphysical Mentoring Program
A 6 week program with 1 ½  hour sessions

If you would like to schedule a private
workshop, please call! 508-241-3048
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