Spirit Guide Saying Hello
Fall 2006

(Sphere of light in center)

An tap on the shoulder from an Angel
September 2006         
Fairy Friends of the
June 2005
Lynne  has been aware of the spiritual side of life since she was a child.  Her
early beginnings have led her on a path of practicing metaphysical arts and
spiritual healing for over fifteen years.  With a background in science and
spiritual studies, she is able to better understand how both  disciplines
contribute to healing and well being.  " We are spirit in the physical world and
together we are whole."  

Lynne has taken certification classes and workshops in Reiki, Crystal Energy
Healing, Tarot, Mediumship, Channeling and hypnotherapy.  She has taken
Angel workshops, including one with Doreen Virtue in Chicago and has a
personal dream published in Sylvia Brown's Book of Dreams. She has also
participated in a course called The Intuitive Advisor by Mona Lisa Schultz.
She is also a member of the Zerdin Fellowship in the UK.  She has been
featured in articles published in the Zerdin journal and The Cape Codder
about her work as a medium.  She has been ordained as an Interfaith Minister
through the Universal Spiritual Circle Church in Lily Dale, NY.  She holds a
Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Indiana University and a
Respiratory Therapy degree from Triton College in Chicago.  Currently she is
working towards a Masters degree in Metaphysics from the American Institute
of Holistic Theology.  

She is teaching spiritual development classes to help individuals discover and
unfold their spiritual journey.  Lynne is also developing  her physical
mediumship, a gift she has had since childhood.  This phenomenon will help to
advance the understanding and knowledge of  how Spirit works with us here
on the physical plane.  Lynne  worked as a Registered Respiratory Therapist
with children for twelve years.
Transfiguration:  In mediumship, transfiguration is when a loved in Spirit or Spirit
Guide  can create an image of their face over the medium's face using energy from
the medium and the sitters.  Lynne has been able to achieve this phenomenon with
the help of  her physical development circle and with the help of her Spirit Guide
Oscar.  This is an exciting breakthrough that will be enhanced in the future with
direct voice.  Yes, the voice of the loved one or Spirit Guide will be heard  by all in
the circle while the lips move on the face that has formed over the medium's face.   
Our Spirit Guides and loved ones are working very hard with Lynne and others to
help people connect with Spirit so that we may be aware of the guidance that is
available to us for the advancement of our own Spirits on Earth.
About Lynne Delaney
Fairy Friend
saying hello
summer 2005
Lynne's Dream is on
page 69-70 with initials
LM from her
maiden name.
Met Doreen Virtue in
2000-she gave me a
hug and said "oh
another fairy"
Met Mona Lisa Schulz
at her Intuitive Advisor
class at Cape Cod
Institute 2009
While traveling to Scotland in 2006 we encountered many spiritual awakenings.  
This one in particular was very exciting for me.  Over the past year in 2006, I had
been experiencing many third eye openings.  I would feel my forehead opening up
as if my skull was pealing back.  It was a sensational feeling.  Other times, I would
feel bubbling around my third eye.  Now in this sacred place of the Druids, we
captured a glimpse of my third eye opening on camera.  I had been communicating
to the Spirits of the forest on the way up the peak in Pitlochry, but never expected
this.  Such a  beautiful place to feel extraordinary energy and light!
Lynne Delaney
Metaphysical Consulting
"Dear Lynne,  Thank you so much for bringing us together tonight.  This
will be a memorable and another "opening of the door" on the path to a
higher understanding.  Love, Carrol"

"Dear Lynne Thank you so much for sharing your talents and allowing me
to communicate with my loved ones, and for opening up your inspiring and
lovely heart to me. Love, Linda."

"Hi Lynne, I wanted to thank you last Tues. when we did automatic writing
in class..I feel like it really boosted me forward with my ability.  I've met
two new guides to help me with that and mediumship.  Your class is helping
me at a higher level now. Thank you. Love, Elaine"

My experience with Lynne Delaney was amazing.  Some of the information
that she had no way of knowing came true. It still makes me tingle when I
think about it today.  John Scatena