Automatic Writing
Physical Mediumship Class
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Metaphysical Exploration

6:30pm - 8:30pm
6week class
Cost $90

This class is offered with the intention of  helping  you explore the many ways to
open up your Spirit.  This includes looking at your self as a spiritual being,
understanding our spiritual helpers the Angels, Guides and loved ones.   Also
exploring how your energy works to help heal yourself, others and the world.   
There will be exercises to help show you how to transcend the physical world
through spoon bending and other telekinetic explorations.  This class will also
cover mediumship and using divination tools as an extension of your intuition.   
This is a fun and informative class that gives an overview into the world of
metaphysical exploration and development.

Private Metaphysical Mentoring Program
A 6 week program with 1 ½  hour sessions $570

Introduction to Mediumship
6:30pm - 8:30pm
6 week class
Cost $95
In this class you will learn how to unravel the mystery and find truth and joy in
communicating to loved ones, Spirit Guides, Angels and Infinite Spirit.    You will
learn the history of mediumship, why spirit communication is important, why heaing
your higher self and Infinite Spirit is important.  The last class students will be
introduced to physical mediumship and telekenisis.

Transfiguration Demonstration:  
Seeing Though the Veil
TBA  7-9pm
Call for reservations 508-241-3048
Come and join Spirit during this special evening of transfiguration.   Open your minds
and your hearts to the miracle of working with the many faces of Spirit.  This
connection brings through mainly Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals, but it is always a
surprise as to who may want to visit at the time.  Feel, hear and see into the world of
energy and love.  
First time $35 per person, $30 consecutive times
limited to 6 spaces     
Call for reservations 508-241-3048

Reiki I Class
Healing yourself and others

Learn the history of the Reiki lineage, your energy system consisting of your aura and
chakras. You will also learn how to channel this energy over the aura and the
chakras.  During the class you will recieve an attunement to level I Reiki.  You will
also get an aura/chakra picure and report before and after your attunement.  At the
end of this class you will receive a certificate of completion.

To register: call


Reiki II Class

Sending light by love

Building upon the foundation of level I reiki, you will expand your knowledge of reiki
so you can send this healing energy to those around you and the world with the power
of surrendering into Universal Spirit and love.  You will receive an attunement to level
II and a certificate of completion.

Learning new things helps you and others discover new opportunities.

Call or e-mail for Specific dates, times, locations and registration
Materials needed for the classes will be listed on the registration forms.
Please have your registration in two weeks before class starts.
508 241 3048

Check back for updates....

Make like a Tree and See
Tree drawing readings
Bring your inner child for we will be drawing.  During this workshop you
will discover parts of yourself you may not be able to see.  You will also
be able to gain new insights into who you are and where you want to be in
your life physically, spiritually and emotionally.  A fun way to discover
your inner tree of life!  $15

Unlock your Healer Within
A hypnotherapy workshop to help you meet your healer within also to
help reduce pain and manage chronic conditions.
$35 per person, $20 consecutive times

Opening up to Channeling
Dates offered:  TBA
Cost $35/ class

In this workshop you will learn to connect with and communicate messages from  Infinite
Spirit, Spirit Guides, Angels and your higher self.  You will be opening to information from
the greatest and highest source of love and intention in order to help you on your life path.  
This will allow you to learn how to trust yourself and to nurture your inner teacher. During
this process you will learn how to ground yourself and open up to mental telepathy.   You
will also learn how to become the best possible channel you can be by expanding your state
of awareness.  Hear about how others have opened up to channeling.  Everyone has their
own process and in this workshop you will learn how to work with your unique way.  
Opening up to channel helps you to connect with vast sources of  love and inspiration and
helps you to see the world in a new light.  
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