Victorian Table Tipping

Victorian Table tipping is
an enjoyable way for people
to connect with their loved
ones in Spirit.  This form of
communication uses
physical phenomenon.  
When a loved one comes
through, they move the
table to communicate.  
Sometimes they will spell
out a word or  will create
lights for you to see.  Your
loved one may even touch
your shoulder to say hello.   
It is truly an amazing
experience filled with fun,
love and healing.  It is
something you will  
remember in your heart

Spiritual Healing
Reiki * Crystal Healing
Intuitive Energy Healing
Spiritual Healing is a multidimensional process used for healing all levels of the
body, mind and spirit.  This is facilitated by means of Energy Healing, Reiki,
Crystals, Divine Guidance and Positive Reprogramming with the use of
Hypnosis.Spiritual Healing opens a doorway to experience the healing grace of
Infinite Spirit and reveals your own healing power and Spirit within.

Above sessions 1 hour $85,

Add Aura-Chakra Photo before & after $100

Spiritual Guidance * Intuitive Tarot
Mediumship *Angel Messages *
Spirit Guide Messages
Intuitive Readings can either be in the form of channeling, spiritual guidance,
conscious living advisement, tarot, mediumship, or divination.  The readings may
be focused through one method or a combination of many methods depending
upon what type of information is needed for clear guidance.

Above session 1 ½  hr. $145 Includes Recording to CD

Add Aura-Chakra Photo before & after $165

Phone Readings 1 hour $115

Other Helpful Services
Conscious Living Advisement*
Past Life Regressions * Spirit Photography
Past life regression is a healing process that produces an altered state of
consciousness achieved through relaxation techniques.  It is used to access past
lives  that may need to be acknowledged so healing can take place which will  
create lasting positive changes for your life.  Conscious Living Advisement  helps
you make the best choices in life including products and or ways of living. Spirit
Photography captures energy or essences of spirit either loved ones, Guides or

Above sessions 1 ½  hour $125

Space Clearing, Blessings
& Spirit Releasement  
This service is for those who need a new energy in their home or office.   Clearing
out stagnant energy or entities can be done with love and compassion.  Feel
good with a change in energy and bring in harmony, motivation and inspiration.  

May take up to 3 hours $75/hour

Private Group Sessions
Table Tipping
(four people)
$35 per person
Angels, Spirit Guides, Reiki, Group healing,
Spoon bending, Meditations,  Past life regressions,
(four people minimum)
$35 per person
Aura Photo 4x6 with self-guided color interpretation sheet                                 $15

Aura-Chakra Photo and Analysis with 9 page report                                          $45
(Add extra reports a la carte $1 each-see list of offerings)

Aura-Chakra Photo and Analysis with 16 page report                                        $45

Aura-Chakra Photo and Analysis with 28 page report                                        $55
An in depth look at your aura and chakras-includes love colors,
main average colors, color wheel, five elements wheel and more.
Aura-Chakra Photo and Analysis with Report: Before and After                        $55
Photos include these options:  Holding Healing Crystal, Flower
Essence, Homeopathic Remedy, Aromatherapy, Positive Affirmation,
Calling in Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit.

Reiki Boost Session:  Aura-Chakra Photo and Analysis with Report                   $65
A Before and After shot with 10 min Reiki boost                

People & Pets:  Aura-Chakra Photo and Analysis with Report                           $45
A before and after session including a shot by yourself and one with
your beloved pet.  See how your aura changes with your pet.

Reiki Session:  Aura-Chakra Photo and Analysis with Report                             $95
A one hour full body energy balancing with before and after photos.

Readings: Aura-Chakra Photo and Analysis with Report                                   $155
An hour and a half reading with before and after photos.

Aura Parties: Aura-Chakra Photos and Analysis with Report                           $30 per
Aura parties are fun!  Host an aura party and get an aura-chakra
photo and analysis with 10 page report a $45 value.  Add $10 for before
and after shots.  You design the theme of the party. Min. 8 people please.
Spiritual Healing and Metaphysical Alternatives
As a Metaphysical Consultant, Lynne uses several modalities to help people find and
connect with their inner spirit.  She enjoys using all of these ways separately or in
combination to help facilitate healing and to increase spiritual awareness and awakening.  
Lynne Delaney
Metaphysical Consulting
Aura-Chakra Photo & Analysis
Services and Fees